Q1 : What is "FM" broadcasting?
FM means "Frequency Modulation," that frequently changes in proportion to the program level. The FM band in the USA runs from 88 MHz to 108 MHz (88.1 to 107.9), at 200 kHz intervals.

Q2 : Can you list my radio show on your website listing?
No. We list radio stations, not radio programs.

Q3 : Can you list a radio network on your list?
No. We list radio stations, not radio networks.

Q4 : How do I listen to those stations that are broadcasting their signal on the Internet?
Go to the station's website. Many of them have basic instructions for how to listen to their streams.

Q5 : Can you list which audio format each station is using to broadcast its signal on the Web?
We hope to be able to do this in the near future. Stay tuned!

Q6 : Can you list shortwave radio stations on your list?
No. This website is for "broadcast" radio stations, which in the United States means AM and FM stations only.

Q7 : Can you list "Internet-only" radio stations on your list?
No. This website is currently for "terrestrial" broadcast radio stations.

Q7 : How can I take part in a programme?
If a Jah Vibes Radio Programme invites applications for contestants and contributors, details will eventually appear on the website.

Q7 : How can I listen to a programme I missed?
You can scroll down to our website and search for past recordings.

Q7 : Where can I find the music used in BBC programmes?
All published information about the music used in Jah Vibes Radio programmes can be found on the programme's website or the individual pages on the Jah Vibes Radio Programmes website.